Kartini : Film screening, Monday, 30/04/2018

This evening is a collaboration with The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Indonesia Netherlands Society (INYS) and Mata Hari Media. This movie screening is a part of the event series of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, called the Asia Carrousel.

The Dutch human rights ambassador, Mr. Kees van Baar, will kick off the movie screening with a keynote speech on Kartini and women’s rights in Indonesia.

The movie Kartini takes you back to the Indonesia of the 19th century. A time in which the Netherlands still ruled over Indonesia, and in which equal rights for women were far from self-evident. 

It is precisely in this time that the first woman stands up against gender inequality and discrimination in education. Her name is Raden Adjeng Kartini (1879-1904).

As a regent’s daughter, Kartini is one of the few Indonesian women who is able to attend primary school where she learns how to speak Dutch. 

After her 12th, Kartini is kept at home, in total seclusion of the outside world. In those long years, Kartini reads a lot of literature and even starts her own revolution with her writings. 

Until today, Kartini is an example for both Islamic women as western feminists; as a champion of human rights and certainly as a renowned writer. 

In Indonesia, the 21st of April (her birthday) is a national holiday. Also in the Netherlands, the municipality of The Hague awards a Kartini-prize for emancipation on 8 March (international women’s day).

This breathtaking Javanese drama takes you on the emotional journey of Kartini who had to defy her own family, her own culture to change rules and traditions that were considered sacred in Java.

Tickets can be purchased through this link: https://www.filmhuisdenhaag.nl/agenda/event/kartini 




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