Molucca’s Culture on the World Proef in Apeldoorn

On May 7th 2017, Embassy of Republic of Indonesia for the Netherlands participated in art and culture exchange activities called World Proef which organized by GELRE Association. 

Located at the beautiful park called Oranjepark in Apeldoorn, the event was filled by participants from many countries such as Canada as a host country, Germany, Ukraine, Thailand, Italia, and more. All booths were decorated by many of authentic decoration and culinary from each countries participants. 

It was such as colourful events and Indonesia itself took Moluccas as the main theme for this event. Together with a delegation from tourism department of Moluccas, we promote the international activity like bike tour ‘Tour de Moluccas’ and the beauty of Moluccas under water tourism. 

On that occasion, a dance group consisted of Molucca’s boys and girls called Polawano presented a traditional dance “Obor Dance”, in memoriam of 200 years of a national heroin, Christina Marta Tiahahu, and her fight against colonialism.

This beautiful event was closed by a speech from Indonesian Ambassador Mr. I Gusti Wesaka Puja who also given a symbolic award for being the next country host at the same event. This would be a great opportunity to introduce the beauty of Indonesian culture and history in the future. For better understanding between countries, as the main purpose of World Proef.




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