Indonesia Strongly Condemns Acts Of Terror in Paris

Jakarta, November 14th  2015.  Indonesia  strongly  condemns heinous act of terror that has claimed more than 150 innocent civilian lives in several location in Paris, France  on Friday, November 13th 2015.

The   Government   and   People   of   Indonesia   conveys   our deepest sympathy and condolences to the Government and People of France, especially to the families of the victims.

Based  on report from Indonesia  Embassy in Paris  when this statement is released, there no Indonesian  citizen  is reported that become victim of these acts of terror. Indonesian Embassy continues  to coordinate with local authorities  and hospitals  in Paris to update information on the situation.

Indonesian Embassy in  Paris also  continuously establish communication with Indonesia Citizen in France and strongly advise to raise awareness  and avoid public/open  location that are prone  to be targeted, and not involve or participate in any activity of radical group or organization.

Indonesia  reiterates  its  statement  that  act  of  terrorism  and violence  in any form for any reason is intolerable. The Government  of  Indonesia  also  endorses  international community  to  strengthen  international  cooperation  on combatting terrorism and radicalism.

For  Indonesian  Citizen  who  need  update  and  further information  about the situation,  please contact hotline number of Indonesian Embassy in Paris (Mr.  Yoseph Tutu) +33 621 122 109 and/or Ministry  of Foreign  Affairs of Indonesia in Jakarta +62 812 890 090 45


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